Tuesday, 4 April 2017


Being in a long-distance relationship means that I consider myself to be a pretty well seasoned traveller now, but it doesn't mean that travelling is easy for me; in fact, it makes me anxious without fail every single time. I worry about it for days and days beforehand and I don't feel truly at ease until I've arrived at my destination. However, over time, I've learned a few different ways to try and decrease these feelings of dread and impending doom. Here are my top five tips for coping with your travel anxiety...

1) TALK:

I travel on my own quite a lot, however when I'm with someone else I always find that the best way to distract myself from the horrible nervousness settled in the pit of my stomach is to have a conversation. From my experience, talking about anything and everything really helps journeys to fly by and you'll find yourself arriving at your destination in next to no time. 


On a similar note, I find that distraction is key to diminishing any feelings of uneasiness that you may have about travelling, as this definitely makes the whole experience go quicker. Thanks to Netflix's new(-ish - yes, I'm a little late to the party) feature where you can download films to watch without having to be connected to the internet, I always ensure that my phone is loaded up with lighthearted, funny films. This is great when you have short flight, as it means that by the time your film is over, you'll be either at your destination or close to arriving! If this isn't your thing, I also love doing Sudokus, listening to music and getting stuck into a good book on my Kindle. 


I think that this tip is a given really, as I imagine even the most laid back of people would feel on edge if they were to travel unprepared. My family make fun of me because before I leave the house I always check that I have my passport, travel documents and my purse approximately fifty times, but I think it's so important to try and stay as calm as possible! Also, because I know how anxious travelling makes me, I always ensure I have a packet of mints or chewing gum handy as this is something that, personally, relaxes me. 


As cliché as it sounds, simply having the means and the ability to travel is such a privilege in itself. Of course, that's not to say that your anxiety over travelling isn't valid, because I know first hand how truly awful it can be. But that doesn't mean that you can't view your journey as an opportunity rather than a hinderance - I always find that it helps me to think of travelling as a positive thing as opposed to it being so negative. Easier said than done -I know - but it's definitely worth trying.


Finally, I find that simply thinking about where I'm going to end up after my journey calms me down to an extent. Every time I have flown, I've either been going on holiday or going to visit my boyfriend; this makes my anxiety over travelling even more puzzling, as I'm not afraid of flying itself and it's always been for a good reason. So, it makes it a lot easier for me to travel when I know it's for a good reason; for example, I've always struggled with flying to see my boyfriend, but getting to see him makes it totally worth it and I try to think about this to make myself feel better. I realise that this completely goes against the whole notion of 'It's not about the destination, it's about the journey'; whoever came up with this quote obviously didn't suffer with travel anxiety!

I hope that at least one person finds this post useful in trying to beat their travel anxiety. Do you have any different tips on how to do this? Leave them in the comments if you do!

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