Friday, 16 June 2017


Being the online shopping addict that I am, I've come across heaps of gorgeous dresses that are perfect for summer in the past few weeks and thought it would be a good idea to pick out my favourites for a post.

In the past I haven't been a huge fan of dresses, however I find that nowadays, the second that summer comes along, I go out and buy as many pretty - yet still comfortable - dresses as I can get my hands on. I've always found that Missguided is the best place to buy dresses; their website is very purse-friendly and I've always found my dresses from there to be of a high quality. Price is an important factor for me, as I don't like to spend too much on items that I will only be able to wear during a couple of months of the year. All of the dresses in this post are from Missguided and they are all £30 or under - links are included!


If it weren't for the fact that I am notoriously clumsy when it comes to eating food, I would have so many more white dresses in my wardrobe; the thought of buying a pretty white dress only for it to be ruined by spilled pasta sauce or ketchup horrifies me. However, if you can control your eating (unlike me!), I think white dresses are perfect for the summer because they look amazing with a tan! The White Tie Detail Shift Dress (£25) is gorgeous and I love the detailing on the sleeves of this Cheesecloth Crochet Bardot Dress (£30). 


Off the shoulder dresses and tops really seem to be having their moment right now. At first, I wasn't really sure how I felt about them, but I couldn't resist these two dresses. I think that both the Yellow Floral Print Tea Dress and the Polka Dot Tea Dress (both £25) are unbelievably cute, especially with the ruffled detailing on the sleeves and around the neckline. 


I've never really been a fan of wearing red, but in recent months I've been warming to red garments and accessories more often - there's just something about this colour that screams summer to me! I'm also loving floral prints, so as soon as I saw these dresses I knew I had to include them in this post. I think that the lace-up front on the Floral Skater Dress (£25) adds an extra something and I absolutely love the ruffle hem on the Floral Mini Dress (£28). 


You may have noticed that a common theme that runs through this post is frills. I think that ruffles in the right places can make clothes so flattering and think they add a pretty touch to dresses in particular. This Grey Stripe Bardot Dress (£25) is ideal for whatever the occasion and I think the powder blue Cami Tea Dress (£22) would look lovely against a fresh tan.

Where is your favourite place to buy pretty summer dresses? Let me know in the comments x

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